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Be A Part of the Paradigm Shift in Data Analytics

25/07/2018-06:04:07 PM

If there is one topic that the CIOs never get bored of, its the data analytics! This technology has been at the top of the CIO list for many years now. In the latest Gartner survey, CIOs were asked to name the top differentiating technologies for 2018. Business intelligence and analytics still continue to be their number one priority, with top performers most likely to consider them strategic, says the research agency. But, other than being a usual suspect of the technology discussions, ...


Modernize your Backup: Why Customers will Pay Attention to You

01/06/2018-11:39:35 AM

Data Loss is arguably the single biggest fear encountered by IT today. No matter what the causes are, a data loss event results in serious repercussions for the organization. The impact of downtime, both on IT as well as on business, is immediate and overarching. 64 percent IT pros consider a data loss event as a life or death situation for their business, according to an IDC study conducted in the past.


TechnoBind Started Cloud Journey-The Agenda Is To Help Customers Adopt Cloud

22/01/2018-09:15:58 AM

Data backup as a service may not be the most exciting aspect of a business but it definitely is one of the most crucial ones to watch out for. These processes are necessary for an organisation to protect preserve and manage information in order to meet security recovery and regulatory demands. Ignoring it could put businesses at jeopardy. Decision making from key analysis and processes can be disrupted when data has been altere...

Also its important ...


Opportunity for SMBs: Call to arms for collaboration

20/01/2018-02:37:05 PM

The Indian SMB sector has become as one of the fastest growing industries in the country over the past couple of decades. Fast adoption of Cloud technology has come with the promise of serious transformation in the past few years. Consider this: according to a report by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, the Indian SME sector employs more than 80 million people across 36 million units, and contributes over 45 per cent to manufacturing and over 40 per cent to the India...


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